Announcement: Lindsey Simmons Joins Heartland Strong, Launches Mighty Missouri Project

Heartland Strong expands its growing grassroots movement with Missouri native and former U.S. Congressional candidate Lindsey Simmons

Heartland Strong is happy to announce that Lindsey Simmons, former candidate for US Congress, has joined our organization as its new Vice President. Since her congressional run, Simmons has been convinced (as so many of us have) that Missouri is in need of not just better organizers, but organized leadership.

“What we saw during our campaign is that a lot of people want to get involved, but they don’t know how,” said Simmons. “A lot of people are frustrated with what their elected officials in both Jefferson City and Washington D.C. are doing, but feel powerless to change that.”

Simmons has spent the months since the election developing a strategy for what she calls a “statewide culture of activism.” She researched various organizations throughout the state and, after learning about our work, our media projects, and our efforts to improve grassroots progressive policies throughout the heartland, she was satisfied that she’d found a new organization to call “home”.

In addition to joining our board, she has partnered with Heartland to launch something near and dear to her heart: The Mighty Missouri Project.

“What makes this announcement so exciting is that it has real, grassroots momentum behind it,” said Sean Diller, president of Heartland Strong. “Lindsey is an experienced attorney with vetted, hands-on experience running a grassroots U.S. House race as a progressive democrat in rural Missouri. She isn’t just well-suited for our organization. She’s exemplary of why we started Heartland Strong in the first place: to connect voters and activists with hardworking change agents and candidates throughout the region.”

As she was researching various political action and activist groups in Missouri, Lindsey came up with an idea. In parallel to her networking efforts, she was developing an idea to truly transform and update how everyday people can get involved and make change, no matter where they live. She presented the idea to our board and it’s how the Mighty Missouri Project was launched.

“We’re really excited to support both Lindsey and the Missouri activist community with this project,” said Adam Sommer, media director of Heartland Strong and host/producer of the Heartland POD. “Since first having her on the podcast, we’ve been in ongoing discussions and didn’t just discover that we have a strong ideological alignment. We also agree that the only way we’re going to help working people is to build infrastructure for grassroots politics throughout our region.”

What is the Mighty Missouri Project?

Our first joint project, one that we anticipate will be the first of many, is the Mighty Missouri Project, a website that will serve as a gateway for Missourians to find pro-democracy groups in our state that meet their individual interests and goals as activists. To date, we’ve compiled over 200 organizations into a database.

“Our mission first and foremost is to build communities, and to find ways to connect people and harness the energy of good people doing good work. That is the most important thing we can do in Missouri.”

We hope to launch the first iteration of this database by the end of April, and eventually launch monthly days of action. We see this as a “one-stop-shop” for Missouri activism.

“I’m not the Stacy Abrams of Missouri, but there are dozens of figures like that who are already here,” Simmons said. “But I think that if we can foster connections between voters and those community leaders, we can create that culture of activism and change.”

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Check out the special video edition of Heartland POD where Adam discusses Mighty Missouri in more detail here.

About Heartland Strong

Our mission is to inspire action that makes real change a reality: increasing community resilience and prosperity, now and for the future ahead.

About Mighty Missouri Project

A coalition-building organization, the Mighty Missouri Project matches grassroots activists with local and statewide pro-democracy groups in Missouri.

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